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More irresistible owls here: http://ift.tt/JQ5da3 Photo source (http://ift.tt/UzBS8h)



Once upon a time metalworkers in Japan discovered that Tanuki testicles were a good animal skin to use to stretch out gold by wrapping it in them and pounding it out.

Because of this, Tanuki testicles got a reputation of making money “stretch farther”. People started selling them as wallets.

I don’t even know what the fuck is going on here but I’ll figure it out someday maybe. 

random redhead lookin’ rather pale and freckly. and cute. 

Wit Suicide
Coulda swore I posted this ages ago… huh… I don’t know who created it. Coulda swore I found it on DeviantArt but I can no longer find/credit the original source. Sorry, artist. I’d give ya credit if I could. 

edit: Artist might be Lucian Stanculescu. 



Corpo-Mente is my side project with Laure Le Prunenec

Instrumentals: Igorrr
Vocals: Laure Le Prunenec
Strings: Benjamin Violet

This track was released on the Jarring Effects JFX Bits #6 compilation that you can download for free here : http://www.jarringeffects.net/jfx-bits/6/index.html